Table of Contents
Code Snippets
Drive Map and UnMap
Text Output Functions (Colorizing for Console)
Text Output (spacing)
Create Text as an Image on the fly and add to control
SQL - sGrabBetween (SubString)
Split String into n- number of characters per line
A Program is trying to Send an email on your Behalf
Outlook Version Reference
VBS - subSendEMail
PowerShell FTP and Send-ToEmail
VB.NET - Send Email
Restart Explorer Gracefully
Create SecureString
Grab Between in String
Remove Special Chars from String (Example)
Find a string by using a Predicate (ie for String(Of) )
Read File Contents (Text) at once
Class clsClearHistories
Read an Event Viewer Key that is not the traditional, but in the Windows structure
Example of Working with the Event Logs
Read HKCU for info
Convert SID to User (sAMAccountName)
Convert User (sAMaccountName) to SID
CopyKey and RecurseCopyKey Registry Key copies
Running program in Explorer (detect)
Command Line Arguments
my.resources write file
Console Cancel Key Press (CONTROL+C/Break)
Unix Times (From, To, and Epoch)
Query Logged on users on a Server (query logon /server:..)
Uptime with PerformanceCounters
IP Check RegEx (VBscript)
Remove HTML characters from string
AD Group member Add/Remove, Other useful snippets for AD
Fill Combobox fast with a Adapter fill
Random Number Function in Range
Disk Info
Uptime for a server
Example of File Version comparison
Screen and Mouse Movement Mods
Run Remote Process (VBNet + WMI)
ASP Get Image File from DB and Display in Browser
ASP Get Image HTML from DB and display in Browser
Services - Get State
Outlook Automation of PSTs and Stores
Outlook VSTO
Button click to manipulate current/active email
Ribbon Button click to manipulate current/active email
MailItem Events with Listeners
Sorting Outlook Emails into Subfolders
Send a fax (example of manipulating To line)
Example of going through all Recipients in ItemSend() method
Center for to Screen or Parent Window
Covert Spreadsheet (xls) to CSV at command line
MS Access on Task Scheduler
RDS Get Users (non RDP users)
Remove Domain Name (NetBIOS) dynamically
Ini File Manipulation
Classic ASP Show all form Items and Keys
Edit Cells in ListView
Add combobox to listview
Change Color of ListView cell (ListItem)
Change Textbox to ComboBox with F3
Convert xls to csv in VBscript
Convert Day differences to decimal
JavaScript isValidDate (not exactly)
JavaScript isDate (between 1900-2100)
reCatcha - HTML example
reCapthca - <BUTTON> validation Example
reCaptcha and RDGateway
WebFormSubmitter Class
VBS AD Accounts Expire
ipsec example block ports
event log watcher
Linux Stuff
.bashrc (addition)
Find most recent modified files
Init for CMD
Get Newest File from Command Line