Install the RD Gateway Server


Install this role on the External facing side. This server will handle connections to the RDS Hosts

  1. 2018-03-07 15_25_04-CRHRDPVENDORS on

  2. 2018-03-07 15_25_11-CRHRDPVENDORS on

  3. Installing this role will also install the Management consoles needed for the security and connection security

    2018-03-07 15_25_42-CRHRDPVENDORS on

  4. This will appear. Select Add Features

    2018-03-07 15_26_08-CRHRDPVENDORS on

  5. 2018-03-07 15_27_13-CRHRDPVENDORS on

  6. 2018-03-07 15_28_50-CRHRDPVENDORS on