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Creating “Manual” RemoteApps…

2018-06-27, RTL, v1

A little note here….

Installing RemoteApp Tool

Source:  RemoteAppManager.zip

·         PublishingWIzard.dll (System32)

·         PublishSnapIn.dll (System32)

·         en-US/PublishingWizard.dll.mui (System32/en-US)

·         en/PublishSnapIn.resources.dll (System32/en)

·         remoteprograms.msc (System32)

·         Merge: remoteappsMaybe.reg


Run As Admin to Launch


Creating a RemoteApp

·         Launch the RemoteApp Manager tool as Admin

·         Connect to Computer



In our Example, VS8TS001


·         You can see that there are RemoteApps. If there were  none, it would be blank

·         To Publish, Click on “Add RemoteApp Programs”

Example 1: RemoteApp from an Installed App on Server

Example 2: RemoteApp that is unlisted or Custom needed

·         Click Browse

·         Our Example here is to publish Zero Foot Print—which is an Internet Explorer App


·         Select the 32bit Internet Explorer – it will appear the list once you click OK

1.       You navigated and selected Internet Explorer (iexplore.exe)

2.       Click Properties

3.       Name your RemoteApp

4.       Give your RemoteApp an alias

5.       In this case, you want IE to launch ZFP when the user starts it
** If you did not pass the URL, IE would just launch for the user


Creating the RDP shortcut files

Summary so far: You can see the two RemoteApps in this doc are created.

Since you can create multiple RDP files at a time, I have selected both

1.       Select Character Mapp that we created

2.       Select Zero Foot Print that we created

3.       Click “Create .rdp File”


·         For this example, just have it store the RDP files in the default path.
** You can change this path of course




·         Clicked on ZFP.rdp and it worked! It launched on VS8TS001

·         Clicked on charmap.rdp and it worked! It launched on VS8TS001