As with best practice at work, our regular domain accounts are non-admin-standard-users.

So, you generally have to Right+Click and run as another user; usually, your Admin account.

This gets OLD really QUICK

This is why I wrote this. You give it your admin credentials. Then you can Run each Program as your admin account without having to incessantly Right+Clicking for your app. This is helpful, as it gives more efficiency with precious time.

Screen Shots:

Logged in. Presents apps that you have configured (customizable)

Enter your admin password for the account given

Select your program. You can either hit ENTER or click to launch

(Right-Click) Gives you other options like running as just your regular logged-on account

Running an app (ie BlueScreenView from Niro) that requires elevation through UAC.

* Even though it requires elevation, you don't have to re-authenticate with your admin user. Most apps do not require the UAC elevation

Just a polite screen that you can customize during launch

Task manager view. Notice that it's running as my admin account

Sample of the configuration file. It's Tab separated