RunAsSomeoneElse At work, we use separate accounts for our Admin work. But sometimes, that can become rather cumbersome when you have to incessantly Right click and Run As Admin/Other User.
This program allows you to impersonate your admin account and run basic Windows consoles (and other apps you want) as your admin account.
Desktop Background Menu Changer Ever want to change the Windows desktop right click menu to have custom menus and menu items? This app will allow you to do that in an easy apparoach  
Font Viewer/Charmap Too Do you letter comics? or just want to see what a font looks like with your text? Would you like an easy way to see your text with a font on your system?  
ManageEngine's ServiceDesk Popup for new and changed tickets Use ManageEngine, but constantly missing the tons of emails it sends out? Tired of your boss asking you to look at high/critical tickets that you missed? 
Uptime - Customized Just need a utility that shows me a lot of details (inc wireless AP) at my fingertips 
RDS Monitor Command Line Just need a utility that shows me a list of RDS users on a server (not sesssion list)